Promoting Proper Beard Growth

Every man’s pride and joy is to have something to wake up to every morning. I’m speaking of shaving beard that is overgrown or just needs trimming. Some men are grappling with the issue of the beard either growing scantily or not growing at all. This is not a rare phenomenon as most men choose to suffer in silence and carry their own cross of shame.

There is a fine line between a clean-shaven man with no beard on his face and a man who is clean because he just can’t grow a beard. Luckily for this lot, there is a solution for the man who can’t grow a beard and live up to the title, ‘man’. Let’s see how to help them get their confidence back.

Proper beard growth

The beard is supposed to grow naturally but is hindered by some factors. Some of them revolve around the issue of genetics. There are safer ways to get the beard growing steadily where it is supposed to grow. We can promote proper beard growth through the products that are used. Check out the best beard shampoos at

Note that you should adhere to the following rules without fail;

1. Use creams, soaps, and oils containing eucalyptus.

This natural herb is said to promote the wild growth of hair around the facial region especially the chin. What’s more, it is safe to use and contains no harmful side effects.


2. Make sure that you have enough hours of sleep.

While you sleep without any interruptions, your skin cells begin to work together to form hair around the chin area.

3. Wash your face using warm water in the morning and the evening every day.

Ensure that you double this action with a natural cleanser for rapid results.

4. Your diet also has a role to play as well.

Be sure to include the following vitamins in your diet; A, C, D, and E. These are known to quicken the growth of facial hair.

As the beard grows, you will constantly feel a dry and itchy sensation on your face. This means that you have to act fast and ensure that the whole process is a smooth sail.


Use organic soaps that contain moisturizing properties. When the areas around which hair grows is adequately moisturized, the itchy feeling will soon disappear. You will experience comfort throughout your beard growing journey.

Exfoliate your skin as often as possible. Hair grows rapidly where it has been shaved clean. Exfoliation happens to be one of the methods that will quicken the growth of beard.

Foods that help in promoting proper beard growth

Your diet plays the biggest role in the growth of hair on your face. The following foods are the ones that you should mostly include in your diet;

1. Proteins

Sources include; fish, eggs, and nuts. Proteins are capable of boosting the growth of hair around your facial region. Your meals should always include either of the above sources of protein.

2. Fresh fruits and vegetables

Their role is to repair the broken skin and prepare it for the formation of hair on the face.

3. Lentils

They have high nutritional value and enable the steady growth of beard.