Top Types Of Makeups Every Woman Should Know

Makeups enhance ladies’ physical looks and hide any fault one may have on the skin. These accessories are expensive especially when one chooses to use the designer options. Almost all ladies in the world own at least some makeup that they use once in a while. For beginners, it is prudent to know that the journey to becoming an expert in makeup use is to know and understand various types of make ups. This publication highlights the popular types of make ups to know.

Top types of makeups to know


dfgdgdfggdgdgdfUnknown to many, primers are makeup types that are applied before the main makeup to help it stay longer. It is convenient to use in the morning when you have a whole day to rely on o the applied makeups. High-quality primers are the best as they do not have a side effect to the skin.

Lipsticks and lip creams

Lips are probably the most well taken care of by any woman. Even those who like to stay without makeup will at least save something for the lips; lip cream. Ladies will usually have different colors of lipsticks to match their mood or attire. Low-quality lipsticks and creams will make the lips dry and crack. So, every woman should consider using designer products as they are usually legit and made of high-quality raw products.


Eyes are the window to the soul and ladies love to keep them glittering. The eyes liners come in different colors, and one can wear the one matching either the mood or the attire. Just like any other makeup, the quality of the eyeliner will depend on the brand. As a lady, you need to understand which one gets along best with you.


dfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdgdgThis one is a no-brainer as every lady who has used makeup knows about it. As a matter of fact, whenever the working makeup is mentioned, people look at the face. Foundations are applied on the face to even out the skin tone. As a rule of thumb, aways wear a primer which works as the undercoat to help it the foundation stick longer.


For an amateur, you may be forgiven to think this is a foundation. Their main purpose is to cover any fault of the skin. Thus, they are usually thicker. Always, concealers will be in the same tone color with the skin to look natural.